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Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota

05/03/2024 r.

Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota: „Kobiety w Torze“

Kolejny wykład z cyklu poświęconego motywowi kobiety w oknie. Będziemy rozmawiać o symbolice i znaczeniu takiego wizerunku, o przykładowych przedstawieniach jak i możliwych interpretacjach i komentarzach.

Notre Dame de Sion - study programs

06/03/2024 r.

Notre Dame de Sion - Sion Centre for Dialogue and Encounter

Wednesday 6th March – Rabbi Ben Segal – Psalm 22 : From Condemnation to Commendation
Wednesday 13th March – Dr Sherry Ashworth – Reading the Book of Esther
Wednesday 20th March – Dr Margaret Barker – Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (John 19 : 19)

IPJS - logo

06/03/2024 r.

IPJS event series: ‘Ukrainian-Jewish Perspectives’. Bruno Schulz

Bruno Schulz is one of Europe’s greatest modernist prose writers, but he is also a cultural figure deeply embedded in the cultural context from which he emerged. He lived almost his entire life in Drohobych, a small town that is today in western Ukraine but was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when Schulz was born and in Poland when he became a writer.


08/03/2024 r.


Komendant obozu koncentracyjnego Auschwitz-Birkenau Rudolf Höss i jego żona Hedwiga próbują ułożyć sobie rodzinne życie w domu z ogrodem, który znajduje się tuż obok obozu.

Deepening Series: Exodus - poster

01/05/2024 r.


Exodus has been labelled as a book of liberation, of justice and hope, as well as a denunciation against oppression. Has this book any word to say to believers and non-believers today, and for biblical students who seek for religious inspiration in the biblical text to construct a better world? This and other similar questions will be explored in our Exodus program.

yad Vashem - logo

05/05/2024 r.

Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day 2024

"If we wish to live and to bequeath life to our offspring, if we believe that we are to pave the way to the future, then we must first of all not forget." Prof. Ben Zion Dinur, Yad Vashem, 1956

ICCJ offices Martin Buber House Heppenheim

23/06/2024 r.

ICCJ 2024 Conference in Salzburg / Austria

Preparations for ICCJ's 2024 annual conference to be held in Salzburg/Austria, June 23-26, are under way. The theme of the conference is "'Be holy, because I, the Lord, your God, am holy.' (Wajikra / Leviticus 19:2) - Holiness: Religious Imperative and Moral Obligation?"