ICCJ-Statement: In Solidarity With Israel

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A few days ago, on Shabbat morning and on the onset of Simchat Torah which was supposed to be a day of peace and joy, Israel experienced a savage terrorist attack on its territory, an attack that not only violates international law but also constitutes an assault on the inviolability of human dignity, and on the holiness of human life.

This brutal violence has devastated the lives of many families. While the tales of these events are still unfolding, we realize that more Jews have lost their lives in one day than ever since the Shoah. The use of the word pogrom to designate this is now widespread and justified by the accounts of those held hostage in their homes.

Though words are inadequate to express the horror, shock, and pain they must not fail us when we wish to designate the immorality of evil. There can be no justification or legitimization of this horrifying brutality; it is indeed perverse to call this a legitimate fight to end the occupation.

We, at ICCJ, join many around the world and embrace the shattered families and mourn their loss. We pray for the wounded and for those who are still missing or held hostage. We pray for all, Israelis and Palestinians alike, who are suffering as a result of this savagery.

We voice our pain and fear for the weeks to come, we are entering what may be a long and very dark tunnel, strength and hope will be needed.

We are grateful to our member organizations for the powerful statements they have issued and for the actions they have already engaged locally.

We must not let violence blot out our important work; we must not let this war derail the dialogue that we have pursued for many decades.

We state our resolve to carry on in spite of this deep wound in our hearts and “to stay in the room“, even if the conversations become extremely difficult.

We pray that inner strength be granted to all, we pray for hope, we pray for peace.


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