Tackling the Fears of Corona

Join religious leaders across the world, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu, for an hour of teaching, prayer and online encounter.

Join religious leaders across the world, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Hindu

The session will take place on Thursday, March 26th, at 11 am EST, 3 pm London time, 4 pm Europe time, 5 pm Israel time, 8.30 pm India time.


  1. Alon Goshen-Gottstein - Coronavirus – A Spiritual Message from Brooklyn
  2. An uplifting message from sister Maureen Goodman on self care during the harsh times of Coronavirus
  1. ????? ?????????? ?? ???????????, one of the religious leaders of the Elijah Interfaith Institute, conveys the following message about the Coronavirus:

"People belonging to all major religions are being affected. The governments are imitating one another in their effort to keep the virus at bay. But a leader like Swami Vivekananda, who was both a Hindu monk and a Universalist, composed a plague manifesto 122 years ago, that can provide some useful advice today. Last week I participated in a group conference through Zoom, conference organised by the Elijah Interfaith Institute, wherein I highlighted certain things of the said manifesto: empathy, service and assurance of solidarity of all manners, courage, and action. Swamiji stressed also hygiene, clean and proper food, cheerfulness, and moral disciplines like abstention from unethical means for earning your bread, and restraining lust and wrath even if persons addressed to be householders. But the great truth underlying all these duties and virtues, according to this historic document, is remembering that all are embodiments of God and the Divine Mother Herself is assuaging the public panic. Swamiji advised in notabene of the text that people in each quarter of the plague-affected city should engage themselves in congregational singing of the name of God (evidently any congregation in the present context is not recommended). I emphasized also the question of a few food items in the light of modern knowledge: Garlic, Chili pepper (Cayennetta), Paris mushroom, Vegetables like cabbage-kale-cauliflower, Broccoli, Lemon, Turmeric etc. should be taken frequently to boost up the immunity." #coronaspection #covid19 #coronavirus