The Gift of the Feasts

The Gift of the Feasts

From: ICCJ

Michael Trainor; Member of the ICCJ Executive Board 26.03.2021

As a contribution to this year's Pesach and Easter celebrations members of the ICCJ Theology Committee offer an one-hour video seminar on "The Gift of the Feasts of Pesach and Easter"

In their presentations the members of the ICCJ Theology Committee reflect on the importance of Pesach, its liberating origin and characteristics, the linguistic implications of its name and the importance of its domestic remembrance.

They also offer insights into Easter, its liberating and ecological implications, and the proclamatory challenge for Christians in the story of Jesus' Passion according to the Gospel of John.

In the final minutes of the video presenters engage with each other and highlight key aspects that emerge of mutual concern and interest for Jews and Christians.


  • Dr Deborah Weissman (Israel)
  • Dr Pavol Bargár (Czech Republic)
  • Dr Celia Deutsch (USA)
  • Rev. Dr Patrick Morrow (UK)
  • Rabbi Dr Ulrike Offenberg (Germany)
  • Rev. Dr Michael Trainor (Australia)