ICCJ - lektura na styczeń 2020

English articles:

  • Raphael Jospe: Anti-Eschatology: Maimonides on the Messianic Era and the World to Come. Article
  • Philip A. Cunningham: Has the Way Christians See Themselves Been Affected by Their New Relationship with Jews? Article
  • JCR: Obituaries for Martin Stöhr. Report
  • Anette Adelmann: ICCJ 2020 Conference: Stories We Live By. Report
  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: U.S. Bishops Chairman on Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs on Antisemitism. Report
  • JCR: Confronting Difficult Issues around Religion and the Holocaust. Report
  • Religions for Peace: Religions for Peace, a Coalition of Millions of Believers, Sets Global Peace Priorities. Report
  • Simon J. Joseph: How the Jewish Writings between the Old and New Testament Help Us Understand Jesus. Book review

German articles:

  • Christian M. Rutishauser: Milestones of the Christian-Jewish dialogue. Article
  • Martin Stöhr: On the way to a new relationship between Jews and Christians. Article
  • JCR: Obituaries for Martin Stöhr. Report
  • Andreas Rehnolt :: Inter Religious calendar 2020 appeared. Report
  • Andreas Rehnolt: Archaeological Museum and Bible Museum reopened in Muenster. report

French articles:

  • Pierre-Yves Materne, op: Christian theology "after Auschwitz" by JB Metz. Article
  • Church of England The Church of England published a major paper on Jewish-Christian relations Reports
  • Church of England 's "assertions" of the document God's Unfailing Word of the Church of England . declarations

Spanish article:

  • Ron Kronish: they Can learn to live together the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael?

Russian article:

  • Yuri Tabak: Jacob, Esau and Ishmael: close and apart.