Jewish-Christian Dialogue and the Orthodox Church, Review of Ecumenical Studies 2, 2019

Sourace:RES - Review of Ecumenical Studies


Editorial 149

Articles / Aufsätze

  • Sandrin Caneri ....154
    Under what Conditions Would the Orthodox Engage inthe Judeo-Christian dialogue?
  • Ioan Moga .... 167
    Jüdische Elemente in der Tradition der Orthodoxen Kirche.Ein Beitrag im Zeichen des Dialogs
  • Serafim Seppala .... 180
    Forsaken or Not? Patristic Argumentation on the Forsakennessof Jews Revisited
  • Alesandru Prelipcean .... 199
    Γένος μέν ἐξ ἑβραίων or the Jewish Origin of Romanosthe Melodist: From Overestimations to Underestimationsand Finding Bridges between the West and the East
  • Demetrios E. Tonias 209
    Fulfillment in Continuity: Te Orthodox Christian Teologyof Biblical Israel
  • Alexandru Mihaila .... 237
    Facing Anti-Judaism in the Romanian Orthodox Church: Whythe Need to Accommodate the Biblical and the Liturgical Texts?
  • Alexandru Ionita .... 253
    Byzantine Liturgical Hymnography: a Stumbling Stone for the Jewish-Orthodox Christian Dialogue?
  • Eliane Poirot .... 268
    Jüdisch-Christlicher Dialog nach Nostra aetate in derKatholischen Kirche und den Orthodoxen Kirchen
Ecumenical News / Aktuelles
  • Antonetta Sabau .... 301
    Research Project on the Jewish-Orthodox Christian Dialogue
Book Reviews / Buchrezensionen
  • Pier Giorgio Taneburgo .... 303
    L’Ecumenismo delle radici. Cristiani ortodossi ed ebrei: storia deirapporti, prospettive di dialogo, Gabrielli Editori, San Pietro inCariano 2017, 344 p.(Alexandru Ioniță)
  • Jens Schroter, Simon Butticaz, Andreas Detwiler (Eds.) .... 307
    Receptions of Paul in Early Christianity. Te Person of Paul andHis Writings Trough the Eyes of His Early Interpreters ,BZNW 234, De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2018, 910 S.(Hans Klein)
  • Gianluca Blancini .... 314
    Pellegrini in Oriente – la Comunità di aizé e il mondoortodosso. AGC Edizioni, Centro Studi per l’Ecumenismo inItalia, Venezia 2018, p. 184. (Alexandru-Marius Crișan) Hagit Amirav, Emmanouela Grypeou & Guy Stroumsa |(Eds.) .... 317 Apocalypticism and Eschatology in Late Antiquity.Encounters in the Abrahamic Religions, 6th-8th Century, Late Antique History and Religion 17, Peeters, Leuven –Paris – Bristol 2017, 365 p. (Dragoș Boicu)

Editorial RES 2/2019

One of the first issues of our journalwas dedicated to the topic of “Jewish-Christian dialogue in the Orthodoxspace”. Te decision of the earliereditorial team was no coincidence.It is an expression of the convictionthat the Jewish-Christian dialogue isnot simply about cultivating one ofthe many interreligious relationships.Rather, it gives voice to the reflectionon the first major break that shapedearly Christianity, namely, that be-tween the Jews who believed in Jesusas the Messiah and those who rejected Him.

We are delighted that after tenyears RES can again publish re-search on the Judeo-Christian dia-logue from a Christian Orthodoxperspective. More specifically, thisissue is the first fruit of a broaderthree-year research project at theInstitute of Ecumenical Research,which is entitled „Jewish-ChristianDialogue in the Twentieth Cen-tury between Religious Toleranceand Anti-Semitism: Documents,Interpretations and Perspectives inthe Christian Orthodox Context”. /1/Tis project has been made possiblethrough a research grant from the Romaniangovernment agency UEFISCDI in the 2016competition, as PN-III-P4-ID-PCE- 2016-0699,
However, the contributions have avery specific thrust in this volume:the authors are concerned with the......