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Jerusalem - ICCJ meeting


Dialogue Workshop Returns to Jerusalem

ICCJ: a report, written by Deborah Weissman, about a Jewish-Christian workshop on the topic "Borders and Boundaries", organized and co-sponsored by the EKiR, the ELCJHL, the EKvW, the EKD, and the ICCJ.

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ICCJ President's Greetings for 2022

Without your willingness we would not be able to pursue our raison d’être and remain the vibrant voice of Jewish-Christian dialogue that we aim to be.

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New articles are available on JCRelations.net - 06.12.2021.

- English Gesine Palmer: Redeeming Liturgy. A Eulogist’s Perspective on Rosenzweig’s Concept of Liturgy.
- German Gesine Palmer: Liturgie und Erlösung. Beobachtungen einer Trauerrednerin an Rosenzweigs Konzept von Liturgie.
- German Susannah Heschel: Was ist die interreligiöse Agenda für das einundzwanzigste Jahrhundert?
- French Jean Duhaime: Antijudaïsme et influence nazie au Québec
- Spanish Bertram Meier: Reflexiones sobre la naturaleza teológica del diálogo.
- Russian Юлия Попова: Иудейско-христианский диалог.

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Jewish and Christian Leaders reflect on COP 26

COP 26 has renewed discussion around Climate Change, what the future holds, and most importantly a means of mitigating its impact. Leaders around the world are speaking up about their hopes and fears for the conference and for the environment. For your ease, we have collected together a number of reflections on the conference from religious and interfaith leaders. Below you can find reflections from some of CCJ's Presidents and other leaders.



Happy Chanukka and Joyful Advent

The ICCJ wishes its Jewish and Christian members and friends "Chanukka Sameach" and "Joyful Advent". As a contribution to this year's Chanukkah and Christmas celebrations all around the world the ICCJ Vice-Presidents Shmuel Szteinhendler (Chile) and Michael Trainor (Australia) offer video messages.
On behalf of the Executive Board, ICCJ's General Secretary, and the staff at the Martin-Buber-House in Heppenheim we wish a blessed and joyous time - Chanukka Sameach and Merry Christmas!

ICCJ offices MArtin Buber House Heppenheim


New articles are available on JCRelations.net

- English: Eva Jospe: Kristallnacht remembered.
- English: Belle Jarniewski: Sparks of Light: Irving Greenberg’s Post-Holocaust Theology.
- English: Raphael Jospe: We Are Not Alone: A Maimonidean Theology of the Other. Review essay.
- French: Belle Jarniewski: Des étincelles de lumière: la théologie post-holocauste d'Irving Greenberg.
- French: John T. Pawlikowski et Malka Z. Simkovich: Le pape François et la loi juive (Torah).
- Spanish: John T. Pawlikowski y Malka Z. Simkovich: El papa Francisco y la Ley judía (Torá).