Praying Together in Jerusalem - The Art of Prayer

Praying Together in Jerusalem - The Art of Prayer. Elijah Summer School

Source: Elijah Interfaith Institute

Elijah Interfaith Institute:

Our annual summer school program will conclude with our monthly Praying Together in Jerusalem meeting. For this month’s edition, we will feature participants in our summer school program, many of whom are leaders and representatives of religious communities, and who join us from many time zones across the globe.

Participants will first offer key insights on prayer that they have taken way from our seminar, in the hope of opening the hearts of listeners who have not been part of our journey. We will then offer individual prayers of “Return to Jerusalem”, where individuals give their own expression so the rich web of themes of return, repentance, pilgrimage, Jerusalem and more, as these have been experienced by them.

Join us live on Zoom and at Shir Hadash (Yaakov Rubin 1, Jerusalem).

Thursday, August 4 at 6:00 pm Jerusalem time

11 am ET time
8 am Pacific time
4 pm UK time
5 pm Central European time
6 pm Israel time
8:30 pm India time