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April edition online

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Highlights: - English - Abraham Skorka: 75 Years after Seelisberg - Reflection. Article - Englisch - Larry W. Hurtado: When Jesus Was Jewish. Book review - German - Johanan Flusser: Tikun Olam in Judentum und Islam. Artikel - French - Ch...

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New articles are available on July edition online

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Highlights: English - David M. Neuhaus: Where to from Here? Continuing Challenges in Jewish–Catholic Conversation. Article Englisch - Sarit Kattan Gribetz: Soloveitchik and St. Paul: A Commentary on the Hebrew Gospels. Book review German...

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New articles are available on, September edition online

Wpis: 2022-09-05 14:44:13 September edition online. This site is devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians and Jews around the world.

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December 2022: new articles are available on

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Highlights: English - Adele Reinhartz: “Children of the Devil”: John 8:44 and its Early Reception. Article German - Jens-Christian Maschmeier: Erwählung und Errettung Israels in Röm 9-11. Artikel French - Église Évangélique Luthérienne d’Am...

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New articles are available on January 2023 edition online

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Highlights: - English - Ervin Budiselić: The Importance of the Jewishness of Jesus for Interpreting the Gospels. Article - English - Joseph Tulloch: Pope: May Jews and Christians continue to grow in friendship. Reports - English - Allison P....

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New articles are available on February 2023 edition online

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Among others: - Harry J. Sinnaghel: ‘They Beheld God, and They Ate and Drank’. A Theological Reflection on Exodus 24:11.Article - International Jewish Committee: Communique of the 11th Academic Consultation Between Judaism and Orthodox Christi...

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March 2023: new articles are available on

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Highlights: - English - Răzvan Perșa: The Image of Jews According to the Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church. Article - English - Peter Zaas: Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity. Book review - German - Rainer Kampling: „Komm...

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New articles are available on April 2023 edition online

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April contributions in English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian are online.

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Highlights: - English - Pavol Bargár: The Religious (Jewish) Other in Christianity: Some Theological Considerations. Article - English - John E. Phelan: The Cruelty of Supersessionism: The Case of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Article - German - Pavol B...

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