Purim and Human Dignity

Happy Purim

Source: Elijah Interfaith Institute

The Friends Across Faiths Initiative and Praying Together in Jerusalem

invite you to a special Purim Gathering of Praying Together in Jerusalem

Purim and Human Dignity

Rabbi Joel Levy in conversation with Peta Jones Pellach on whether and how a festival based on the Book of Esther, with its story of court intrigue, drunken parties, revenge and killing, can teach us something about human dignity.

Rabbi Joel Levy became the rabbi of Kol Nefesh Masorti in September 2001. Joel is Director of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he is also active in inter-denominational and inter-faith work. Joel studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University and was chair of programming at Limmud. From 1991 through 1994 he served as director of NOAM, the Masorti youth movement. He received semichah (ordination) from Rabbi David Hartman in 2000.

  • Rabbi Joel Levy followed by a response by Sr Maureen Cusick of the Sisters of Sion and Ramadan blessings by Issa Jaber.
  • Moderated by Peta Jones Pellach

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