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International Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims

According to the UN, more people are currently refugees than ever before. Natural disasters such as drought, floods, fires and volcanic eruptions are some of the reasons that force people to leave their homes. But there are also human causes, such as wars, conflicts, persecution for political, religious or cultural reasons. This always involves a great element of injustice, discrimination and contempt for humanity play a major role. If you look at their history, the three Abrahamic religions have always been confronted with persecution and eviction. And even today, religious minorities are confronted with the pressure to leave their homeland. ​

JCM Conference 2024 will begin by exploring from an interreligious, intercultural perspective the question what home means before trying to give some answers from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions to the loss of home. Through the encounter with our neighbours, how can we work together to ensure that everyone can find a home where they can live in peace and freedom? ​

Our target group includes students and their teachers, as well as all those interested in, and actively committed to, dialogue amongst the three religions.

Conference languages are German and English. All content will be translated.

If there is sufficient interest, we will offer parts of the conference for online participants.

International Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims


The JCM conference exists to promote dialogue, understanding and solidarity among members of the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Founded over 40 years ago, JCM to this day remains committed to true dialogue. Our key slogan is:

We do dialogue, we don't just talk about it.

Participants of the conference and members of the organising team speak for themselves alone. They are not representatives of their faith, their community, nation or ethnic group. This is why we only ask previous participants to present lectures or lead project groups rather than inviting famous representatives of the different faith groups.

You can learn more about our approach, aims, the history of JCM and meet the current organising team by exploring this website. In the section blog, you will find some of our past lectures as well as a number of more general reflections on JCM.

The JCM conference is truly special and the only way to find out what it is really about is to participate. So why not register for our next conference now?