Praying Together in Jerusalem

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The Friends Across Faiths Initiative and Praying Together in Jerusalem

are continuing our weekly on-line gatherings in a time of crisis.

Bringing Light into Darkness

This Thursday night, 7th December, the Jewish festival of Chanukah begins. It is the Festival of Lights and so our international interfaith panel will discuss the pertinent topic: "Bringing Light into Darkness."

Join us in-person at the Conservative Centre, on Agron Street, or join us on Zoom.

  • Hosted by Rabbi Beth Levy, together with Bishop William Shomali, Professor Sallie King, Professor Marcia Hermansen in conversation with Rabbi Alon Goshen-Gottstein.
  • Music by Hanna Yaffe and Ivor Lunzer and Mohammed Zatra.
  • Light refreshments follow for those joining us in person.

Hosted by

  • Rabbi Beth Levy (Jewish, Jerusalem)
  • Bishop William Shomali (Christian, Jerusalem)
  • Professor Sallie King (Buddhist, USA)
  • Professor Marcia Hermansen (Muslim, USA)
  • Moderated by: Peta Pellach, Alon Goshen-Gottstein
  • Join on Zoom

Meeting ID: 896 5428 9538 Passcode: 039533