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About The Shalom Hartman Institute

The Shalom Hartman Institute is a leading center of Jewish thought and education, serving Israel and North America. Our mission is to strengthen Jewish peoplehood, identity, and pluralism; to enhance the Jewish and democratic character of Israel; and to ensure that Judaism is a compelling force for good in the 21st century.

Our work focuses on:

  • Judaism and Modernity: Developing compelling Jewish ideas capable of competing in the modern marketplace of identities and thought
  • Jewish and Democratic Israel: Ensuring Israel’s foundations as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people, committed to equal rights and religious freedom for all
  • Jewish Peoplehood: Forming a strong mutual commitment between world Jewry and Israelis as equal partners in the future of Jewish life
  • Jewish Ethics and the Public Sphere: Engaging with national civic life by bringing Jewish ethical teachings to bear on contemporary social challenges

The Institute comprises five independent but interrelated centers: