Międzynarodowa konferencja "Europa Środkowo-Wschodnia na Rozdrożach: Transnarodowe żydowskie sieci i tożsamości"

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Międzynarodowa konferencja  "Europa Środkowo-Wschodnia na Rozdrożach: Transnarodowe żydowskie sieci i tożsamości" - plakat

Źródło: POLIN

Materiały wideo z międzynarodowej konferencji "Europa Środkowo-Wschodnia na Rozdrożach: Transnarodowe żydowskie sieci i tożsamości"

Muzeum POLIN w dniach 18-20 czerwca 2023 roku.

Konferencja miała na celu prezentację najnowszych badań nad historią Żydów podejmujących szeroko pojętą tematykę transnarodowości, intersekcjonalności i transgranicznej wymiany od czasów nowożytnych do współczesności.

Więcej: Call for Papers for an international conference “East Central Europe at the Crossroads: Jewish Transnational Networks and Identities” 30 VIII 2022.

Wykład specjalny: Tara Zahra – European Jews between Globalization and Deglobalization

Panel 1: Yiddishland in Global Perspective

Moderator/komentator: Elisabeth Gallas

  • Carolin Piorun – Centers and Peripheries in Yiddishland. The Yiddish PEN Club and Its Transnational Network
  • Barbara Mann – "A Bridge, Four Walls, and a Beam": The Yiddish Little Magazine as a Site of Transnational Culture

Panel 2: Soviet/Polish Diasporas – Stays and Returns

Moderator/komentator: Dariusz Stola

  • Marcin Starnawski – A New Diaspora Space: Transnational Contacts Among Polish Jews after the 1968 Antisemitic Campaign
  • Amy Fedeski – Refuseniks no more? Transnational Jewish Refugee Politics, 1971-1980
  • Irina Nicorici – The Myth of Soviet Jewish No-Returns

Panel 3: Thinking of Home After the Holocaust

Moderator/komentator: Rebecca Kobrin

  • Anne-Christin Klotz – Restitution, Remembrance & Relief: Polish-Jewish Survivor Landsmanshaftn as Agents of Migrant Self-help and Transnational Solidarity
  • Claire Zalc – Transnational Circulations of Jewish Remembrance of the Holocaust: the Case of the Lubartów Memorial Book
  • Eliyana Adler – Transnational Networks and the Resurrection of Dead Communities

Panel 4: Moving Spirituality

Moderator/komentator: Marcin Wodziński

  • Ekaterina Oleshkevich – Tzaddik on Move: Long-Distance Relationship between the Chabad Rebbe and His Hasidim in the Interwar Period
  • Avinoam Stillman – A Kabbalist at the Crossroads: Meir Poppers Between Krakow and Jerusalem
  • Daniel Reiser – Vienna Post-World War I: A Crossroad Between Modern Psychotherapy and Hasidic Spiritual Prax

Panel 5: Jewish Popular Culture & Performance on the Move

Moderator/komentator: Marcos Silber

  • Karina Pryt – Jewish Pioneers of the Polish Film Industry and the Trajectories of Their Films. An Empirical Study with QGIS Set in 1910s Warsaw
  • Paula Ansaldo – The South American Jewish Theatre and the Transnational Networks of Yiddish Actors, 1930-1960
  • Raffaele Esposito – Yiddish and Hebrew Stage Across Land and Language Borders. A Transnational and Translinguistic Theatre in the First Half of the 20th century

Panel 6: The Oriental Gaze in Yiddish

Moderator/komentator: Barbara Mann

  • Nancy Sinkoff – Into Africa: A Polish Jewish Yiddish Journalist’s Travels through Colonial Africa On the Eve of World War II
  • William Pimlott – Conceptualizing Colonialism in a Comparative Perspective: The East Central European Yiddish Press in conversation with Argentina and South Africa, 1890-1920
  • Magdalena Kozłowska – "Un gliklekh zenen Yidn vos hobn nisht keyn geshikhte": Groshn-biblyotek on the 1934 Constantine Riots

Panel 7: Transnational Practices: Security, Crime and Production

Moderator/komentator: Katrin Steffen

  • Netta Ehrlich – Jewish Security at a Crossroads: Self-Defense in Eastern Europe and the Land of Israel 1917-1921
  • Margarita Lerman – From the shtetl to Maxwell Street? Jewish Criminal Cooperation in Turn-of-the-Century Chicago
  • James Nadel – The Threads that Bind: Textiles and Jewish Mercantile Networks Across Imperial Russia, 1891-1917

Panel 8: Cultural Transfer

Moderator/komentator: Kamil Kijek

  • Eli Lederhendler – Cultural Transfers and Transplanters: The East/East-Central European Jewish Heritage in American Jewish Life
  • Anya Zhuravel Segal – Moscow on the Spree: Russian Jews as Cultural Brokers in Berlin, 1919-1939
  • Marcos Silber – Jewish, Polish and Jewish-Polish Popular Culture in Transit: Transferring Transnationally, Transforming Locally

Panel 9: Transplanting Aesthetics

Moderator/komentator: Renata Piątkowska

  • Vladimir Levin – Transnational Synagogues: Architectural Features, Behavioral Modes, and Imagined Communities
  • Michael Lukin – The Premodern Yiddish Folk Song as an Expression of Transnational Experience
  • Anna Berezin – Jewish Ceremonial Textiles in East Central Europe: There and Back Again
  • Adriana Katzew – A New World: Unearthing Family Stories of Transnational Jewish Migration Through Art.

Panel 10: Dollars for Soup Kitchens: Transnational Aid Networks

Moderator/komentator: Jaclyn Granick

  • Glenn Dynner – Transatlantic: The American Joint Distribution Committee in Interwar Poland
  • Piotr Długołęcki – Cooperation or competition? Aid activities of International Jewish Organizations and Polish Diplomatic and Consular Posts During the Second World War
  • Elena Hoffenberg – Finding One’s ORT: Mobility and Jewish Technical Education within and beyond Interwar Poland