Responding to Anti-Semitism

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The Orthodox Observer places the Church in the context of the current world we live in through a diverse and informative experience — offering participants meaningful exchange with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, her ministries, and affiliates. The experience provides the faithful significant content to listen to, watch, and read; in order to lead, grow, and inspire.

This page explores the relationships between Orthodox Christianity and Judaism through the centuries and today.

The resources featured here aim to address Anti-Semitism through a variety of interviews, readings, and videos, as well as an original miniseries of panel conversations moderated by Archdeacon John Chryssavgis.

We are delighted to offer this material to parishes and people of good will in the hope of bridge-building and peace-making within the religious and wider community.

Official Orthodox Christian-Jewish Dialogues

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Responding to Anti-Semitism - News and Documents

News and Developments

“Righteous among the Nations”

  • Fr. Cyrille ArgentiRev.
    Cyrille Argenti Fr. Cyrille, a fervent Christian who believed it was his duty to help the persecuted, transported Jews from Marseilles to villages with institutions and individuals willing to “adopt” them.
  • Metropolitan Chrysostomos
    Metropolitan Chysostomos of Zakynthos During WWII, Metropolitan Chrysostomos protected the 275 Jews living on the island of Zakynthos from German forces.
  • Saint Dimitri KlepininSaint
    Dimitri Klepinin Fr. Dimitri, along with Mother Maria, objected vehemently to the anti-Jewish measures in France during WWII, and opened the doors of the Lourmel center to the victims of persecution.
  • Mother Maria of ParisSaint Mary (Skobtsova) of Paris
    Mother Maria did wonders in finding long-term hiding places for the persecuted Jews whom she had sheltered in the Lourmel center.

Interview Series: "Responding to Anti-Semitism"

Episode 1: Dr. Fotopoulos, Dr. Levine, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Skedros | Responding to Anti-Semitism
Episode 2: Rev. Dr. Gallaher, Dr. Hollander, Rabbi Marans, Rev. Tonias | Responding to Anti Semitism
Episode 3: Rev. Dr. Azar, Dr. Chronakis, Gais, Hanna, Rabbi Potasnik | Responding to Anti-Semitism