50 years of JCM: Have we failed God? Interreligious dialogue as a Response to a Broken World

JCM Conference 2023

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Source: International Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims

  • 13 - 19 February 2023
  • ​Haus Wasserburg, Vallendar

JCM Conference 2023

50 years of JCM: Have we failed God? Interreligious dialogue as a Response to a Broken World

13 - 19 February 2023 Haus Wasserburg, Vallendar

In the 1960’s, in the shadow of the Holocaust, Rabbi Lionel Blue and Pastor Winfried Maechler met and decided to establish a Jewish-Christian collaboration in an attempt to facilitate reconciliation between students and future leaders of both communities in Germany and England. This took the form of an annual conference in Germany. Soon after it was decided to broaden the scope of the conference to include the three monotheistic religions. With the first Muslim group joining in 1972, JCM conference was born. ​ As we look back at 50 years of encounter and dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims, we are painfully confronted with growing populisms, totalitarianism, human rights abuses, war crimes, abuse of the natural world and the use of religion to justify the unjustifiable. In this year‘s conference, we will ask ourselves what have we done as religious people in dialogue, what could we have done, and what should we do now and in the future to heal our broken world.

Our target group includes students and their teachers, as well as all those interested in, and actively committed to, dialogue amongst the three religions.

Conference languages are German and English. All content will be translated.


The JCM conference exists to promote dialogue, understanding and solidarity among members of the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Founded over 40 years ago, JCM to this day remains committed to true dialogue. Our key slogan is:

We do dialogue, we don't just talk about it.

Participants of the conference and members of the organising team speak for themselves alone. They are not representatives of their faith, their community, nation or ethnic group. This is why we only ask previous participants to present lectures or lead project groups rather than inviting famous representatives of the different faith groups.

You can learn more about our approach, aims, the history of JCM and meet the current organising team by exploring this website. In the section blog, you will find some of our past lectures as well as a number of more general reflections on JCM. The JCM conference is truly special and the only way to find out what it is really about is to participate. So why not register for our next conference now?

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