Praying Together in Jerusalem - Spreading the Tabernacle of Peace

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Elijah Interfaith Institute - Praying Together in Jerusalem

Praying Together in Jerusalem held its first gathering in October, 2015 and since then we have met monthly, through all sorts of weather, through periods of unrest and through the pandemic.

Coronavirus sent us onto Zoom and that turned into a blessing. We now have, in addition to those who are privileged to be able to join us in person in Jerusalem, a community who join us from around the world. The need to hold our gatherings online also helped us refine our format, creating opportunities for great religious leaders, scholars and teachers to share their wisdom with us.

As we enter the new Jewish year, we enter a new phase for PTIJ. We will continue to offer both in-person and virtual participation in our gatherings and will continue to highlight both wisdom and prayers from different traditions. We have scheduled the next series of gatherings so that we can learn about and observe holy seasons for different religions and celebrate the richness of our diverse traditions.

We hope that you will join us, Praying Together in Jerusalem or Praying Together WITH Jerusalem.

Please diarise the following dates. All these gatherings will begin at 5:00 pm Jerusalem time.

  • October 13th - "Spreading the Tabernacle of Peace" - in a sukkah
  • November 17th - at St George's - Sikh and Hindu holy time
  • December 18th - Chanukah-Christmas special, at the Conservative Yeshiva
  • February 2nd - special event for Interfaith Harmony Week

Teachers for the upcoming gathering, Oct 13, include Rev Karin Ekblom, the Swedish Theological Institute, and Hanna Yaffe, Shira Hadasha. Refreshments will be provided for those attending in person. Please join us in person or online.

Thursday, October 13 at 5:00 pm Jerusalem time

  • 10 am ET time
  • 7 am Pacific time
  • 3 pm UK time
  • 4 pm Central European time
  • 5 pm Israel time
  • 7:30 pm India time

Venue: TBA

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