ICCJ 2022 Online Conference

“‘Stories We Live By’: Relating to the Self and Other.”

ICCJ Online Conference 2022

Source: ICCJ

Two webinars and three workshops with engaging and inspiring speakers.

In the first webinar, on Monday, June 13th,

Prof. Willie James Jennings (Yale University, USA) will offer an in-depth introduction to the conference theme.

On Wednesday, June 15th,

Prof. Judith Frishman (Leiden University, Netherlands), Prof. Pavel Hošek (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic) and Dr Michael Trainor (Australian Catholic University in Adelaide) will elaborate on the theme by exploring the issues of false prophets, false prophecies, and false hopes as part of the second webinar.

The three subsequent workshops

will deal with stories emerging from various contexts and traditions as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine.

Please save the date not to miss this exciting event!

More information is coming in due time.

Together with the "Christian Scholars Group" we cordially invite you

to share with us your reflections and thoughts about the video series "Presenting the Passion … without blaming 'the Jews'" published on the ICCJ website:

  1. How have the videos affected your own observance of Holy / Passion Week?
  2. What would you say is the most important message you take away from the videos?
  3. Was there a point made that was unclear or that you would like to ask more about?
  4. Are there other topics that you would like to see explored in this way?

Please visit our page "Passion Video Series" and follow there the link to a feedback form [Google]; feel free to answer the questions in a language of your choice.

About This Video Series:

Jesus’ Passion – arrested, sentenced to death, crucified – is retold through readings in Christian services during Holy Week. Tragically, over the centuries, these retellings have caused enmity between Christians and Jews and have even led to murderous violence. Such sinful consequences are contrary to the Good News of Christ.

In this series, members of the Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations, along with two Jewish advisors, explore four scenes in the Passion story. Based on decades of research, they consider how Jesus’ Passion can be presented in fresh ways that repudiate anti-Jewish biases and illuminate the gospel message. This task is a sacred obligation (see: A Sacred Obligation: Rethinking Christian Faith in Relationship to Judaism and the Jewish People)