The war in Ukraine's impact on the synodal process

The war in Ukraine's impact on the synodal process

By Massimo Faggioli | United States

Source: La Croix

By Massimo Faggioli

Major ecclesial events have always been influenced and shaped in some way by the social, cultural and political climate of the time

The first casualty of war is truth, and the war in Ukraine has created a mentality that will inevitably have an impact on the "synodal process" that is currently unfolding in the Catholic Church.

Encounter, listen, and discern becomes much more difficult -- and, at the same time, more urgent -- in times of war.Even before the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the synodal process was presenting the Church with unusual problems.

For instance, the Synodal Path that's taking place in Germany has been attacked in the past several months by various bishops from other parts of the world – individuals like Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver (USA) and entire bishops' conferences in countries like Scandinavia and Poland.

And just this week some 74 bishops from around the world -- including 49 from the United States -- signed a "fraternal open letter", telling the Germans their Synodal Path is causing confusion and could lead to schism.

The war in Ukraine has dramatically changed the mood in the Church also from the point of view of the international political context.

The conciliar and synodal gatherings in the Catholic Church have always interacted with armed conflicts. Their agendas and schedules were not immune from the effects of turmoil in the international order.

Church gathering shaped by events of the time

It's enough to look at the last couple...

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