Stranger in a Land

Late Antique and Medieval Narratives on Foreigners and Exile

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Źródło: Żydwski Instytut Historyczny

4 marca na konferencji naukowej w Kordobie poświęconej religiom monoteistycznym dr hab. Marzena Zawanowska (ŻIH, UW) wystąpi z referatem poświęconym Karaimom.

W dniach 4–6 marca 2020 w centrum kultury Casa Árabe w Madrycie odbędzie się konferencja „Stranger in a Land: Late Antique and Medieval Narratives on Foreigners and Exile”. Dr hab. Marzena Zawanowska (Żydowski Instytut Historyczny, Uniwersytet Warszawski) wystąpi 4 marca o 14:00 z referatem zatytułowanym The Karaites as Others in Judah Halevi’s Book of the Kuzari.

Opis konferencji w języku angielskim:

The aim of the conference is to explore the ways in which representatives of different monotheistic traditions perceived and described “the other.” This central category – understood not only as an adherent of different religion, but also a foreigner, sectarian, or convert – will be studied from various perspectives and viewpoints in order to see how Judaism, Christianity and Islam conceptualized their respective “others,” as well as these “others’” sacred texts, their languages and deities. All these is intrinsically related to the idea of the exile, another important category that will be subjected to analyzes. The papers will investigate not only exegetical treatment of specific biblical and quranic verses, passages, or broader narratives that refer to various types of strangers and the state of estrangement, but also the conception of the other and the condition of otherness as reflected in other literary genres such as Syriac and Arabic chronographies, exegetical literature, philosophical and grammatical treatises, genizah documents, legal texts and others.

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