Stanisław Krajewski: Franz Rosenzweig, the Jewish people, »and« Christianity in Dialogue

by Stanislaw Krajewski

Franz Rosenzweig, Gwiazda zbawienia, tłum. Tadeusz Gadacz, Znak, Kraków 1998


The paper constitutes the 4th chapter, pages 68-84, of the book Rosenzweig Jahrbuch / Rosenzweig Yearbook 11, Das »Und« im Werk Franz Rosenzweigs / The »And« in Franz Rosenzweig’s Work, ed. by Matthew Handelman, Ephraim Meir, Christian Wiese, Verlag Karl Alber in der Verlag Herder GmbH, Freiburg / München 2018.

This article describes three aspects of the Jewish-Christian relationship as presented in The Star of Redemption: complementarity, partnership, and the absence of the common historical roots. In addition, it introduces the problem of the purely racial definition of Jews as well as the issue of whether a synthesis of the two religions is possible. Krajewski then defines »deep« interreligious dialogue and discusses the impact of Rosenzweig’s system on dialogue. The article concludes by describing two basic approaches to the plurality of religions and the oscillation from the »suprareligious« to the »religious-specific« and back. The oscillation model provides another meaning of the »and«

Stanisław Krajewski

Franz Rosenzweig, the Jewish people, »and« Christianity in Dialogue